AAA Travel Insurance

The AAA insurance company has long been renowned for providing its members with quality services and competitive rates. One type of insurance that is commonly overlooked by the average consumer is travel insurance, even though this coverage is the most important kind to consider before a vacation, or any other trip. AAA provides several different types of travel insurance, including plans that cover medical emergencies, unforeseen expenses (such as gasoline and towing services), and even the cost of nonrefundable tickets in the event of an unexpectedly canceled trip. AAA travel insurance is only one service offered under AAA's travel sector, and can therefore be combined and bundled with other products that can facilitate a convenient, safe, and enjoyable vacation or traveling experience. The following information discusses various types of AAA travel insurance and other travel services offered by the American Automobile Association.

AAA Travel Insurance Bundled Services
AAA offers a plethora of services designed to insure the funds, time, and energy dedicated to a vacation or any other trip. Because of their widespread membership, AAA is able to bundle services together that complement your vacation or travel plans perfectly. For example, the company can provide maps, directions, and tickets to local attractions in movie theaters near your destination. AAA can also help you book discounted hotel reservations and car rentals in the area, and if you're not sure about which destination you'd like to visit next, you can use the AAA destination discovery service to find and research places of interest within a predefined set of criteria including overall distance from location, and zip code. AAA travel insurance may also be bundled with other types of insurance and related services including AAA emergency road service, AAA approved auto repair, and AAA battery service.

Cost of AAA Travel Insurance
The cost of AAA travel insurance will depend on various factors, among which include your driving and vehicle history. Credit score and financial factors may also be considered when your quote is being calculated. Fortunately, it is possible to receive a free quote for AAA travel insurance via their user-friendly website, before applying for a plan. Regardless of the final cost, most people find that they save money in the long term, because their overall annual cost of insurance is decreased by bundling the aforementioned services with AAA travel insurance. Having access to extra money and assistance during a vacation will ultimately save you time, money, energy, and stress. In addition, the typical AAA travel insurance customer can expect to save an average of $500 per year when switching from another travel insurance provider.

AAA Travel Insurance Member Benefits
AAA travel insurance members can enjoy a wide variety of benefits that include discounts and services related to tours, travel packages, airline flights and cruises. These special benefits may include cruise ship credits, gift shop discounts, and up to 50% discounts on certain types of luggage and travel accessories. Members also receive the latest and greatest discounts on hotel and motel reservations and last-minute stays. Car rentals, airline tickets, and tickets to local attractions have never been easier to obtain with a comprehensive AAA travel insurance plan. AAA has done an excellent job of making sure that their insurance plans do more than just protect, as they provide full-service solutions to consumers that have a broad range of needs, preferences, and lifestyles.

If you demand the best service, benefits, and most comprehensive coverage, then you may want to consider the aforementioned advantages of becoming a AAA travel insurance member. Whether you enjoy going on yearly cruises, or taking countrywide road trips with your family, there is sure to be an AAA travel insurance plan that will suit your needs effectively.

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