21st Century Insurance

Although 21st Century Insurance is primarily known for affordable automobile insurance, they do have a wide range of other insurance products available as well. The company is best known for selling insurance directly to the public without going through insurance agents, which provides a significant savings to consumers as overhead is kept at a minimum. As a result it is possible to get insurance quotes directly from the 21st Century website in most states, however, there are a few states in which consumers would need to contact an agent to obtain a quote or purchase a policy.

Broad Range of Insurance Products
One of the nicest things about an insurance company that carries more than automobile insurance is the fact that you can have all your policies with the same company which tends to make them easier to keep track of. Also, when purchasing more than just one policy from the same company there is often a discount for each product you add. Some of the types of insurance that 21st Century carries includes:

This means that you can insure everything from your automobile right through to your home and the contents therein with 21st Century. That is a great plus if you are looking for convenience! And then, they even carry term life insurance which is the most affordable type of coverage on the market. If you are looking for insurance that is affordable, 21st Century probably has a policy worth looking into.

Company History

At the moment, 21st Century is a subsidiary of the Farmers Insurance Group that was purchased from AIG in 2009, but its history had humble beginnings. The company was actually started in 1958 by Louis W Foster who had been an independent insurance agent for more than 20 years. As the company expanded from its home base in Los Angeles, it became a company known as an inter-insurance exchange in which policyholders, similar in concept to a cooperative, financed and insured losses incurred by other policy holders. The company literally exploded and in 1966 hit the mile marker of writing $1 million in policies in that single year. From there they began expanding throughout the southwest, into the Pacific Northwest and later to the entire United States. In 2005 the company was sold to AIG which then, after economic problems befell AIG, sold 21st Century to Farmers Group Insurance.

Customer Service
The 21st Century website is set up so that consumers can become better acquainted with key insurance terms as well as with learning to take preventative measures to care for their vehicles. Everything from regular maintenance to preparing for winter is discussed on the site and there are instructions on how to file claims as well as what you need to know about getting auto insurance quotes. Because 21st Century is a proud member of the Farmers Insurance Group (the 3rd largest in the country), you will have access to resources that many smaller companies do not provide.

Even though ownership has changed over the past several years, the company vision and philosophy remains the same. If you are looking for affordable insurance that you can carry with you in literally any state in the Union should you relocate, 21st Century would be one of the better insurance companies to consider.

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